T-Mobile AC1900 BY ASUS Wireless router

This ASUS AC1900 wireless router is a gem for all the tech lovers who need a break in their wireless router gear.  There are a lot out routers in the market from various brands but the question remains, which routers will satisfy you the best, and which wifi routers will act as any other junk piece. Due to the ever growing market for wireless router devices, there are many devices that have increasingly specialized features.

The wireless router from ASUS, the T-Mobile AC1900 BY ASUS Wireless router can be your ultimate pick.  This Dual-Band Gigabit router comes with the very latest technology and providing you the very best and secured connection. In a wireless router, we require speed and this device is the one if you are looking for speed connectivity. It also ensures top notch security so that your data is never breached through the Ai Protection endorsed by Trend Micro. The multi layered protection gives you surround and complete network security also protects your sensitive data. A must buy for all.

ASUS ac1900 ensures Better Wifi Speed

The ac1900 wireless router from ASUS comes with the Dual-band powered by the latest 802.11ac 3×3 technology. Such high powered gear lets you to reach a speed around 1900 Mbps which is amazing.  You will never experience lag again.  You’ll forget the term buffering when get that much smooth speed when browsing through your wifi. We know how important wifi is to you and the people in your home. T-Mobile built the ASUS AC1900 in such a way that your speed over the wifi will not differ when multiple users are connected over this T-Mobile AC-1900 BY ASUS Wireless router.  The ASUS 1900 device is very appropriate for you if you will have 10+ devices connected simultaneously. Feel free to get this device for ensuring better wifi speed.

ASUS AC1900 Features

Dual-Band Technology

The T-Mobile AC1900 By ASUS wifi router is enabled with dual band technology thus giving you a very large range without signal loss. The ASUS will help you to stay connected to the internet irrespective of your long distance. Uninterrupted connection is what we want and this device ensures that fully. You along with the other member of your house can use it freely. In fact, it is also a fair router device for your workplace too.

Wireless AC1900

Get a heavy 5.8 GHz Radio frequency that enables you to reach a high speed of 1900 MB per second. The wireless connectivity of the router is integrated with the 802.11,802.11 a/b/g/n and the latest 802.11 AC 3×3 technology. Your wifi experience will reach to a new height using this router. Multitasking is easier with the wireless technology that the ASUS 1900 provides and you will be getting smooth speed while streaming your favorite video from the internet or for even gaming out loud. You video calls will get better too and buffering or lag will not be an issue anymore.

Powerful 1GHz Dual-core CPU

The ASUS 1900 is built in with a very powerful dual core CPU enabling 1 GHz. This fast and effective processing ensures quality speed for you

Wifi Calling

T-Mobile’s  AC1900 BY ASUS Wireless router comes with the Wifi calling feature through CellSpot. The personal Cellspot from T-Mobile gives you the liberty for Wifi calling. This feature is something that you can look forward to. Wifi Calling from T-Mobile has the ability to create a home network on its own. How cool is that!

Ease of Access

Trend Micro gives you the power to use the device right from your mobile phone with simply an app of ASUS router. Through the App from Trend Micro known as AiProtection you can manage and also monitor the activities that are going on with the device from that app. This makes sure your network is same or has been breached.  Regular monitoring can keep your network safe and secured. Also management will be much easier for the router.

Lightweight and Compact

The ASUS ac1900 is only 1.4 lbs in weight and the size is also very compact for a dual-band device. You can place it in almost anywhere without any trouble at all. Another option is to hang it on the wall for better placement and range enhancement.

Improved Security

Your valuable data will be handle and stored carefully through the Aiprotection developed by Micro Trend. The multiple layer security system is well devised for total network security, so you can rest assured.

Easier and Faster Setup

The setup of the ASUS ac1900 is very easy and also very much user friendly.  There is no chance you will find some trouble while installing this remarkable router device from ASUS.

4 Gigabit LAN ports

There are 4 Gigabit LAN ports with the ASUS ac1900.   The ASUS ac1900 also has a single WAN port to connect to the internet through wired connection. There is a USB 3.0 port and also a single USB 2.0 port.

ASUS ac1900 Specs

  • 802.11 3×3 Dual Band Gigabit
  • AC 1900, Wifi speed uptp 1900 MBps
  • Very large range for big houses
  • Simultaneous dual band
  • 4 Gigabit LAN ports with single WAN port
  • 1 USB 3.0 and 1 USB 2.0 port
  • 1GHz dual core processor


The T-Mobile AC1900 Wireless router is a perfect option that you would want for your home. This deal is just remarkable as you will be getting this super gadget with only about spending just $80, whereas the equivalent routers will cost you up to 150$+.  In case of cost effectiveness, this router is what you want.  So if you are a tech enthusiast with multifarious tasks at hand or a simple and light wifi user, this T-Mobile AC-1900 BY ASUS Wireless router will do the job for you.